What Engine Sizes Mean

December 15th, 2018 by

With all the research and planning that goes into buying a new car, it’s easy sometimes to overlook a certain aspect when shopping. Whether you’re looking at the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or an older certified pre-owned Mitsubishi model, you may want to know what a model’s different engine options mean.

As your Clarksville Mitsubishi dealership, we want to help drivers shop with confidence. That’s why we’re offering up a quick car engine guide to assist you in your search.

While common engine terms may seem complicated, you can break down their specs into a few categories to help you get an idea of how powerful your prospective car is. The most common engine sizes are four, six, and eight cylinders. The number of refers to how many pistons each engine has and is generally related to horsepower and torque. The number of liters in an engine relates to how large each cylinder is. Horsepower represents how fast your car can go, and torque generally indicates to how quickly your car can get to your desired speed.

While a V8 engine will usually provide more horsepower than a V6, modern engine technology like turbocharging means that smaller engines are sometimes capable of producing more horsepower and torque than their larger counterparts.

When it comes to picking a car and engine that works best for you, think about how you’ll use your vehicle, the size of the vehicle, and your budget. While a V6 engine may allow your car to accelerate faster, it will also eat up more gas than a four-cylinder engine. Likewise, a more powerful engine may give you more features, but you’ll pay more in the end.

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