Summer Tire Care Tips

June 6th, 2018 by

Whether you’re driving a new 2018 Mitsubishi Lancer or a 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, it’s important to perform a little maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that your car is ready for anything you throw at it. With summer on the way here in Clarksville, IN, now is a great time to do just that.

Summer is chock-full of fun with outdoor activities and road trips. However, the summer heat can also put some extra strain on your tires. That’s why here at Mitsubishi Store Clarksville, we have some helpful tips for summer tire care.

Temperature greatly affects your tire pressure, causing your tires to slightly inflate and deflate as the temperature fluctuates. Generally, your tires gain or lose 1 PSI (pound per square inch) for every 10-degree change.

Proper tire inflation is vital to several areas of your car. Properly inflated tires will give you the best fuel economy, increase handling, performance, and safety, and offer a smoother ride. Improperly inflated tires not only make driving and braking more difficult, but there’s also a greater risk that your tires will wear unevenly, and in some cases, blow out.

We recommend regularly inspecting your tire pressure during the summer months, especially before long drives. To get the most accurate reading, check your tire pressure using a tire pressure gauge in the morning when your tires are cool. Always consult your owner’s manual to find the ideal tire pressure.

When checking your tire pressure, it’s also advisable to inspect your tire treads. If your treads are low and worn down, it’s time for a tire replacement. For expert service, visit us today at 1590 Greentree Blvd. And be sure to check out our service specials!

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