New Year’s Car Resolutions

January 17th, 2019 by

Now that we’re officially into 2019, we here at Mitsubishi Store Clarksville are focusing on some helpful New Year’s resolutions when it comes to better driving and better car maintenance.

Both safe driving habits and sticking to a regular maintenance schedule are imperative to not only keeping you and everyone else in the Clarksville, IN area safe, but also keeping your car running smoothly for longer; whether you own a new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or an older model.

We’re sharing a few of our resolutions with you so that you can start 2019 right when it comes to your beloved vehicle. The first thing we’re focusing on for the new year is better driving habits. Thanks to the advanced technology current Mitsubishi models offer, it’s easier than ever to keep your eyes off your phone. That’s why we’re relying on our infotainment systems more this year and making an effort to keep our eyes off our phones. Additionally, other actions like eating in the car can distract us, so we’re cutting out snacking from our driving habits as well.

When it comes to caring for your car, regular maintenance is essential. Modern vehicles are undoubtedly reliable, however, sticking to a regular service schedule goes a long way. We recommend bringing in your car at least twice a year for necessary service like an oil change and a tire rotation.

To help our drivers in the Clarksville, IN area, we offer plenty of service specials and coupons to help you save. Additionally, we make it easy to schedule your next service appointment online so that you can care for your car while sticking to your busy schedule. Visit us today for the best Mitsubishi parts and service.

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